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10 Interesting Facts about the Governor’s Cup

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With the Governor’s Cup set to get underway in less than a week, we take a look at some interesting facts about the competition.

Here are ten interesting facts you probably did not know about the Governor’s Cup:

1. The Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Onikan, which is home to the Governor’s Cup, is the oldest club in Nigeria, and it was established in 1895. It was the then sports garden of the British Governors in Nigeria.

2. The Governor’s Cup started in the year 2000 under the administration of then Governor, Bola Tinubu.

3. The Governor’s Cup is the only ITF-rated tournament serving Western and Central Africa.

4. The 14th edition of the Governor’s Cup was almost cancelled due to the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease, EVD in West Africa.

5. As a result of the 4th fact, when the Nigerian Tennis Federation, NTF finally made the decision to go on with the tournament, players outside the African continent were not invited to participate.

6. The 14th edition was named the Abridged Lagos Governor’s Cup because of its setting. And it did not attract ranking points.

7. At the 16th edition, Christian Paul became the first Nigerian player in the history of the Governor’s Cup to be listed in the Main Draws of the tournament.

8. The 17th edition has recorded the largest influx of players in the tournament’s history. 540 players from around the globe registered to participate in the tournament. That will be approximately 5 times the number of players (109) that participated in last year’s edition.

9. The 17th edition will be the first ever edition in which tickets will be sold to fans in order for them to watch the competition.

10. The Governor’s Cup Lagos Tennis Championship is Nigeria’s foremost tennis competition, and it is the biggest in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Governor’s Cup will hold from 6 – 21 October, 2017.

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