Djokovic’s Miss Universe

Everyone loves a successful man. And so it was no surprise that as Novak Djokovic accelerated towards greatness,  his global bandwagon swiftly filled up.

At the onset of Djokovic’s rise to the top, it would have been convenient to ignorantly dismiss the now Mrs. Djokovic, then Jelena Ristic as another camera-hunting hottie who jumps around for attention every time her beau arrowed his customary backhand beyond his befuddled opponents.

Very wrong. Ristic has been beside Djokovic right from the humble beginnings of  this unrelenting march up the ATP ladder.

‘Jelena is the love of my life. We have been together for a few years and her honesty is what I love about her and what keeps us happy and in love’, Djokovic once explained before the pair got married.

‘She is capable, ambitious and strong’, he added.

Jelena has been Nole’s better half since 2005, when the skinny Serbian boy began his arduous navigation through the obscure routes of men’s tennis’ lower strata; before rocketing to the top of the ATP pyramid in 2011.

And no matter how long Novak Djokovic’s dominance of the ATP tour endures- one trophy looks destined to stay with him forever- his ‘Miss Universe’- and with Ristic constantly inspiring her swain from the stands, the Djokovic whirlwind doesn’t look like easing off any time soon.

Jelena’s relatively petite structure doesn’t quite qualify her as your ideal Miss Universe front-runner; but screaming out from her delicate physique is a stunningly beautiful face, brilliantly bounded by her sleek blond hair.

The pretty Serbian certainly enjoys the fame that accompanies her status as the heartthrob of the best tennis player on the planet; ‘I’m loving it. It’s really… I think the dream of every girl to be so pampered by so many people. It’s really wonderful’, the smiling Serb refreshingly admitted at an elegant photo shoot in England in 2011; but she never lost sight of the ultimate objective.

‘I’m really proud… It’s his dream, you know, to be so successful and I’m really happy for him that he managed to… you know, accomplish at least part of his dream; and hopefully, I’ll be there to help him, and see him achieving the biggest one- the top.’

Bless you Jelena. Good woman.

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