NCC Tennis Cup: MTN, Other Communication Companies Endow Award Categories

Communication giants, MTN and others are throwing their weight behind the NCC Tennis League with an endowment that will cover awards for outstanding performance by individuals and teams in selected categories in the NCC Tennis League.

The categories earmarked are:

The most outstanding team, the most outstanding player – male and female, the most outstanding junior player – male and female, the best host team and the best traveling team.

Another communications company, Main One, has also endowed a category while Smile Communication will be giving some internet gadgets to outstanding teams and players.

The director of the International Tennis Academy, Mr. Godwin Kienka praised the initiative and has no qualms about the positive effects the endowments are going to have on players and the teams in general.

“It is very satisfying and encouraging that many individuals and organisations are appreciating the impact the NCC Tennis League is making to the development of tennis in Nigeria and in the lives of current and future tennis stars in Nigeria,” Mr. Kienka said.

“We have no doubt that these incentives will not only raise the profile of the event but also motivate teams and individual players to work harder to excel,” the director added.

The NCC Tennis League, which featured 12 teams across 12 cities, is now at the business end with the four semi-finalists, who are guaranteed a minimum of two million naira each.

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