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NTF President Urges Journalists To Give Governor’s Cup Wide Coverage

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President of the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF), Engineer Ifedayo Akindoju encouraged every journalist to bring their A-game by ensure they give the Governor’s Cup Lagos Tennis Championship a wide coverage and project the country in a positive light during the annual competition.

Akindoju who spoke at the press briefing to herald the commencement of this year’s competition, noted that the tournament is already exposing Lagos to the world with the caliber and number of players who come into the country every year.

“I encourage the media personnel’s to advertise this sport (tennis) and let the world know that there is tennis in Nigeria.”

“Report the tournament to project Nigeria in a very positive light. There are a lot of gains from this tournament; over 500 players are coming here, which means that we are bringing the world to Lagos.”

“There is only one reason it can happen; the peace of Lagos and the interest of the organisers. When these visitors come and see that there are no guns on the streets of Lagos, they leave with a positive mindset.”

“It encourages a lot of people to come to Lagos. And when they have come to Lagos, they have come to Nigeria,” the NTF President said.”

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