TennisNG Betting Manual: A quick guide to tennis betting

Tennis has one of the heaviest schedules in the world of sports, as multiple tournaments take place every week from the Australian swing in January to the season-ending finals in November. Hence, tennis betting has always been very popular all around the world, but not so much in Nigeria!

We hope to correct that in the near future! With the numerous options available in the tennis betting market, there is plenty of money to be made from the sport!

All the major betting sites in Nigeria offer the chance to bet on tennis, but for simplicity, we stick with To bet on matches on the on-going Monte Carlo Masters, select tennis on the left-hand menu, click ATP, and chose Monte Carlo, Monaco.

(Of course, you have to register on the site and deposit some money in your account before staking your bets!)

Tennis Markets

Match Winner
This is the simplest option in the market, as it involves choosing the outright winner of a tennis match. You can either select the home or away player to win a match. The home player is on the left, while the player on the right is classed as been away.

Sets Betting
There are several options under set betting on NairaBet. You can bet on total sets, which in Monte Carlo is either two or three sets; you can also bet on the home/away player to win a set; or the exact score of a particular set.

Other options include ‘First Set Winner’, ‘Second Set Winner’, ‘Home or Away to win a set to nil’, and many more.

Games Betting
Just like Sets Betting, Games Betting also has numerous options. You can predict the total games for a particular match, which is usually presented in over/under format. For example, for Rafael Nadal vs Karen Khachanov, you get the chance to choose whether the match will go above or beyond 18.5 games.

Beyond that, you can also choose whether the total number of games for a match will be odd or even. There is the option to specify the total number of games a home or away player would win, while you can also predict the total number of games in a particular set.

NairaBet presents the option of handicap betting- which can be either Games or Sets handicaps. This basically involves giving one of the two players a head start, usually the underdog, before making an outright prediction.

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